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Cleaning Services

  • "Sales Clean" including wipe down, vacuum, sweep, or mop all floors, countertops, walls, etc., dust all ceiling fans, window sills, and mini-blinds, clean interior & exterior of all appliances
  • Vacuum, mop, scrub bowls and basins, and wipe down all surfaces on recurring schedule as requested by client
  • Special services can be added such as window cleaning, deodorizing, carpet cleaning, and maintaining lighting if requested 

Winterization Services

  • Protect properties against freeze damage according to local codes and ordinances and adhering to the very highest quality standards
  • Dry and wet heat winterizations will be completed on properties located in seasonal areas or above 2,500 foot altitudes
  • Work includes pressure draining the entire plumbing system, draining hot water heater(s), disconnecting and tagging water source(s), installing non-toxic antifreeze in all traps, appliances, bowls and fixtures, as appropriate

Lawn and Yard

  • Mow, trim, and edge on recurring schedule as requested by client

  • Remove clippings and broom sweep as needed
  • Before and after documentation provided online with photos
  • Special services such as fertilization or aeration, available upon request

Miscellaneous Services

  • Smoke detector inspection and replacement, per local regulations
  • Discoloration inspection, remediation and treatment
  • Fire sprinkler inspection and replacement, per local regulations
  • Lawn sprinkler and drip system inspection and replacement
  • Water heater strap installations, per local regulations
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